Sleeping Pattern Problems?

I am not an expert but I can share some knowledge that I have about this issue. It is also my issue before so I did some research about it too.

Who are usually the ones who are suffering from this "Sleep Deprivation"?

People who are suffering from:
- depression
- Obesity
- no Exercise or Physical Activity
- Frequent Use of Prescription Drugs
- Poor Diet
- Overly Stressed

What are the effects of lack of sleep?

- It depends on the severity. It can only cause mild tiredness to day-long exhaustion and irritability. It may also cause blurry vision and memory loss. But if you are only lacking a little sleep, you may not feel these effects.

I also learned that this Lack of Sleep have two serious effects and this is where we should be alert on.

1. It may lower your immune system. Your prolonged lack of sleep will cause your body to be less efficient on fighting bacteria and viruses and will result in you getting more sick, more often. 

2. Reduction in focus, concentration, reaction time, and mental ability. This becomes a serious danger to you and others when attention, focus, & reaction time become critical factors in the task at hand. When might this happen? On the road, driving. 

So guys, I only showed you the importance of getting enough rest. We have to make sure that we are not abusing our body. We need to sleep and to recharge.