Earn Money Posting in Forums

 Earn Money by Posting to Forums

1. Click on the Banner above or simply click this link and sign-up.

2. Confirm your E-mail.

3. Sign-up on Postloop Portal.

4. After signing up, please click this link to subscribe.

5. Enter the username and e-mail that you used on Portal Registration.

6. After it is confirmed, you can proceed to the Postloop Portal and start doing the initial 10 posts.

** Make sure that you SUBSCRIBE first before POSTING. It is very important.

** Within 24 hours, the POSTLOOP staff will send you an email whether you passed the evaluation or not. If you passed the evaluation, you will also be given a user rating and you can start posting and earn points.

Tips on Posting:

- You have to introduce yourself on the forum. Go to the introduction page for the new members. 

- Make sure that you capitalize all the letters that should be capitalized. Use proper punctuation marks as well.

- At least provide 3-4 sentences on each posts.

- Make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct and avoid typographical errors. 

- Quality of messages are important. Don’t use foul words.

Payment Scheme:

  • Postloop pays via PAYPAL only. If you don't have a paypal account, you can create one on here.
  • For every 100 points, you can earn $5.
  • An average postlooper earns at least 1.74 points per post, it means approximately 57-58 posts will give you $5.
  • You can request for a cashout as soon as you reached a minimum of 100 points and you have an average user rating. Expect your payment to come within 24 hours. ^__^
Payment Proofs: