I just wanted to thank you for accepting me for who I am. For loving me, for what is me, and not trying to change even a little bit of myself. I hope and I wish that you will never ever compare me with other girls. I may not be as pretty as they are; I do not have those sweet smiles that they have; I do not comb my hair too much neither put makeup every time I go out. 

If you see me cry, please don't ask why. I just want you to hug me tight and whisper to my ears that "I'm always at your side". If I'm mad or if I'm in a bad day, please don't yell at me. Instead, give me your sweetest smile and tell me you love me.

Please tell me if I did something wrong, or if something is bothering you. I wanted to listen to you and to hear everything that your heart wanna say. We will make all things right, and we'll work it out. 

If you decide to leave me and be with other girl, please do tell me. I may be bitter but I would definitely accept it. I would like you to be always honest with me. And if by chance, you cheated on me, please don't you ever touch me or talk to me. I may not forgive you at first; but who knows? Maybe time will come I will be ready, and we'll have a friendship.

I am not asking too much from you. I just wanted to be the only woman that you desire, you love and the only woman that you wanted to be with for the rest of your life. I am not perfect. But I will give you my very best.

I love you so much. And I hope that we will be forever in love.